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October 25 1981 - August 6 1997

Tom and I was married on Jan 30th 1981... Brandy was born Oct 25th 1981.... the doc I had said she would be born on the 25th and she was , she didnt want to disapoint the doc She was a lil bit cranky while she was a baby but quickly grew out of that thankgoodness... we started going to church in 1985, I had been around the church all my life ..... anyway her daddy and I were babtized in this church..... we lived our lives .... In 1992 Brandy was at a friends next door an she was spending the nite .... well while she was there (she told me this the day she died ) she had a siezure of some kind.... anyway we lived in a 2 story house in Sapulpa Okla.. Brandy got pretty good grades , but she liked to lie a lil bit , what kid doesnt lie , but one time she told her teacher that her school work was in the truck her daddy drove and he went off a cliff in colorado... the school counceler called to send condoloences to us an and I was like what are you saying , she said didnt your husband die in colorado in his truck ? I said no (laughing all the way cause i knew this had something to do with Brandy ) I assured her Brandys dad was alive and well that she was just duped by Brandy cause she didnt have her work... I am sure after she got off the phone with me she was red as a beet .lol When Brandy came home from school and I met her at the door and acted like I was bawling cause her daddy was gone , freaked her out for a bit

In 1995 we went to six flags and had a good time , on our way home we stop at a gas station to wait for her dad (he had taken a load up to houston) and was on his way back so we could follow him as we are sitting waiting on him , this lady had left her child in the car while she filled it with gas , she went in to pay for it and the kid knocked the gear out an her car started coming toward us, it hit my van in the rear .. Brandy was pouring a hot cup of capicinno out at the sliding door and at that moment her suburban hit our van Brandys hand was out the door and door went shut on her hands and 1 foot spilling hot liquid on her hands and foot .. I got out and ran around to see how my kiddo was , we went to the hospital, Brandys hand was cracked a lil bit but she was ok... well we got home about 3 am from Texas , sore as all ...... 1996 we had to file for bankruptcy, and we lost everything , which brings us to the house we live in now .....Brandy was 14 when we moved here ... and started likeing boys ... well one of the boys from church started hanging around and he had an old 56 ford pickup (teenagers lol) and on Sept 19th 1997 they were married ( I know very young but in love ) they did date for a bit before they got married ... anyway they got there own house about 2 weeks after they got married , they were very happy... then in November 97 she relized she was pregnant , oh everyone was happy but was thinking oh no not a baby ...... well she went thru her pregnancy with flying colors .... July 4th 98 the baby was kicking to the fireworks LOL, we couldnt wait to see the lil stinker ... everyday I checked on her to make sure she wasnt going in labor ... the 8th of July she started labor, she was in labor for like 96 hrs, she was having a hard time, the midwives knew something was wrong but didnt tell me .... we went thru the weekend and she still hadnt had the baby yet ... I asked her if she wanted to go to hospital and she said no God will take care of it ...

I admired her so much for sticking to what she believed was what God wanted her to do ( I am not sure I could have done it ) well monday the 13 th of July baby Bryan was born ( he was stillborn ) an she started passing out an her eyes were rolling back in her head , everything was crazy this should not be happening , girls have babies everyday , what is going on ... the police were called and the coroner came an took her baby from her arms ... if I could kill them and got away with it I would have ... she said mom they are taking my baby the way she said it i will never forget ... my heart was breaking for her cause her baby was dead an she never got to see him breath ... I never knew so much grief in my life , not even my mom dying was so bad as what I felt for her at that moment .. (boy this is hard to write) well people started coming in an bringing flowers and food she stayed at her house for over a week, we only had 1 vehicle so I had to stay, then her dad would come pick me up an I would take them home then go back to Brandys to make sure she was ok ...finally about 7 days into this I went an got her and her recliner and brought them to my house so I could watch her at all times.... everyday she was here we thought she was getting stronger , but looked like she was still white like a ghost .... another girl from our church had her baby and one of her family members called an anbulance on her baby cause something was wrong , we watched on tv about it an Brandy was so sad that in a since she lost her baby too cause the authoritys had taken her anyway ... that baby lived for 9 months.... brandy lasted about 4 days after all that on the 6th of Aug .. that day was something else she was getting up an going to the bathroom an taking whirlpools to feel better .... that day she wanted to take a whirlpool so I help her to bath room and she went to the bathroom and we filled the tub and she started to get in but passed out, I grabbed her as she was falling toward the tub faucet, but i was too late in my reactions and she hit the faucet with her head and went down on the floor as i was holding her , all the while I was screaming for help from my sister and neice and they come running an trying to help ,,, I got her to come back to concisnous and she laid there for a few minutes and said mom remember when i was at tammys and I passedout an hit my head , this was like that .... I said no I dont remmeber
cause you didnt tell me that when it happen ....

Well I said lets go back to the bedroom and lay down and try a bath later ... so I said get on my back and I will carry you to the bedroom ... someone had given some money for her dad to go get her a T bone steak , so he was at the store doing that and he called back to ask something and I told him to forget that and get home something is wrong ... he came back about 3 minutes after she had passed away ( oh God this is hard to write )she had made a few like grunting noises and was gone ... I had just thought that losing the baby was bad and had felt alot of grief til the 6th of Aug when his mommy was gone too ... it really has been a nightmare ........ but God has both them in his arms and thats where my peace comes from ... knowing she will never hurt or be hurt by anyone again ( mentally , not physicaly) Brandy and Bryan had a good marriage for the short time God had given them together ... I miss her so much and love her for how she handled her situation... I know 30 - 40 yr old women who would not go thru that and she was almost 17 yrs old ... it has not been easy these past 4 3/4 yrs since they been gone.... her brother Curtis had an argument with her that day she died so he kinda blames himself .. she told him as he was going out the door when she feels better she was gonna kick his butt all over the front yard siblings !! I had sent her hubby bryan to their house to get some supplies and while Bryan and Curtis was gone brandy passed away ... Bryans dad had to go to their house an tell him Brandy passed away ..... we have bever talked about this cause I am not ready to talk about it with him ... he is married now an has 2 beautiful lil girls whom I cherish , his wife Lisa I also cherish , we are very good friends ....i know Brandy would not mind , I beleive she is the one who was encourageing me to talk to Lisa ... its ok mom ,she needs somebody, is what I heard Brandy say one day while I was in a field mowing ..... no one but me, the mower and God knew
what was taking place that day

We love you with all our heart
Brandy and baby Bryan
love mom, dad ,Curtis & Cody

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